Terms and Conditions for Grants in Canada

Gilead supports many organizations and projects, but is unable to fund all applications. Applying for a grant is not a guarantee of funding. 

Grants are separate from the company’s commercial activities and sales and marketing personnel are not involved in grant decisions. Grants are not connected to or conditioned upon purchasing, prescribing, recommending, or otherwise supporting Gilead products.

By Submitting an Application, an Organization Agrees:

To use any support provided solely for the project described in the funding request and to return any unused funds to Gilead.

To exercise full control over the supported project, including selection of speakers and attendees.

To disclose to project participants that Gilead provided financial support and, if applicable, whether any unapproved uses of products will be discussed.

To provide documentation, at Gilead’s request, demonstrating that funds were used as intended and that the project achieved its stated purpose.

To refrain from the use of any support provided to discriminate against a person or group on the basis of age, political affiliation, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, HIV status or religious belief.

Eligibility Restrictions

Grant funding is primarily awarded for direct programmatic support.  Gilead generally does not provide grant support for indirect costs of an organization or activity.

Grants may not be provided:

  • To pay for patient care, treatment and/or prescriptions
  • To pay for general operating expenses or purchase of standard equipment or hardware at institutions in a position to influence, purchase or prescribe a Gilead product
  • To support a healthcare practitioner’s expenses for attendance or travel to educational programs
  • To fund individual healthcare professionals or for-profit physician group practices
  • To pay honoraria of healthcare providers employed by or affiliated with the requesting organization
  • To pay for advertising or creation of advertising materials related to a Gilead product
  • To pay for development or production of promotional items related to any Gilead product
  • To support the costs of government lobbying activities
  • To compensate individuals who provide services to Gilead, such as speaking or advising
  • To serve in lieu of a discount or price concession or as part of a contract negotiation
  • To support clinical studies