Our Therapeutic Areas

Gilead employee in laboratory

Gilead is committed to advancing care for people around the world, by bringing forward medicines in areas of unmet medical need. We do this through internal research and development, as well as through collaborations with academic and industry partners.

Since 1987, Gilead has commercialized more than 25 innovative medicines, helping to transform treatment for people living with diseases such as HIV, viral hepatitis, cancer and other conditions.

Transforming HIV

Gilead has transformed care for people living with HIV, pioneering inventions that were once thought impossible: the first single tablet regimen and the first medicine to prevent HIV. Our work in HIV continues to span the full continuum of HIV care – from prevention to treatment to working toward the ultimate goal: a cure. Beyond the science, we partner with our allies to help address the root causes driving the HIV epidemic and are working to ensure that people living with HIV, and those at risk for HIV, have access to our medicines.

Hepatitis C and B

With the same tenacity, innovation and focus that drove our work in HIV, we delivered four curative treatments for chronic hepatitis C virus in less than four years. Today, more than 4 million people have received our therapies and we continue to reach more people around the world. We have also been on the front lines of transforming care for people with chronic hepatitis B virus for 20 years and are actively pursuing multiple pathways toward a possible cure.

A Historical Commitment Against Invasive Fungal Infections

For 30 years, Gilead has been invested in the treatment of invasive fungal infections, in particular aspergillosis, candidiasis, visceral leishmaniasis (VL) and cryptococcal meningitis. Gilead continues to work to improve access to antifungal treatments for all people in need.

Treating the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

We are committed to treating the pandemic, applying our deep antiviral knowledge and relentless innovation. We are studying ways to enhance the disruption of viral replication to advance novel treatments to help more people. Our efforts include both expanding our internal research programs and working with the broader scientific community.

Envisioning a World Where a Cure for Cancer Is Possible

Our Kite operating company is a leader in cell therapy and has ambitions for a cure. Kite’s development program includes numerous ongoing and completed pivotal studies, as well as one of the largest cell therapy research programs.

We are also seeking to advance a deep oncology pipeline of investigational compounds with diverse mechanisms of action across multiple tumour types with potential to be transformative first-in-class medicines.

Our Products