Gilead Canada Grants Program

Gilead welcomes funding requests for innovative, high-impact projects that relate to at least one of the following core therapeutic areas:

  • HIV
  • Liver disease
  • Hematology and oncology
  • Inflammatory and respiratory diseases

We consider several factors when reviewing grants, but it is most important for applications to demonstrate a strong commitment to — and capacity for — delivering the specific outcomes the funded grant would support.

We provide in three categories:

  • Patient community support
  • Medical and scientific support
  • Charitable organizations

Grant applications are accepted throughout the year.

Apply for Grant Funding Now

Contact us at [email protected].

Types of Organizations We Support

Patient Community Support

Gilead funds a variety of initiatives that raise awareness about the significant barriers to disease screening, diagnosis and care that many people face, especially at-risk populations.

Examples of Patient Community Support projects Gilead has funded include events or resources to educate patients about prevention and care options, such as:

  • Presentations
  • Web-based resources
  • Printed materials
  • Testing and screening initiatives

The types of Patient Community Support organizations Gilead has funded include:

  • Charitable organizations
  • Patient advocacy and support groups

Medical & Scientific Support

Gilead awards funding to advance medical and scientific education programs that expand the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals. These programs are intended to support a particular project, such as independent healthcare research (not Investigative Sponsored Research), medical education, or public health initiatives.

Please remember that attendance at Medical and Scientific Support events should be open to professionals in the community. The principal speaker may not be employed by, or the audience limited to, the funded organization.

The types of Medical and Scientific Support organizations Gilead has funded include:

  • Universities
  • Professional associations
  • Community health centers
  • Hospitals and academic medical centers

Charitable Donations

Gilead Canada may provide donations or charitable contributions to support activities or projects related to Gilead’s mission or to support philanthropic, altruistic, non-business-related initiatives, projects or non-profit organizations in our community provided the funds are for a legitimate purpose related to the organization’s objectives. Charitable contributions and donations may only support organizations that are recognized by Revenue Canada Income Tax Act as charitable organizations.